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Winter Special, 20% off all flea & tick products while supplies last!  This is a great savings, and you still get your free doses and rebates if offered.  Hurry and save big!


According to the AVMA periodontal disease in dogs and cats is the most common health problem found in pets.  80% of dogs and 70% of cats suffer from some type of dental related problem.  Untreated periodontal infections often lead to more serious health problems because of chronic pain and infection, and subsequent stress on the immune system. These untreated conditions can then lead to heart valve disease, kidney disease, and even diabetes and cancer, not to mention the significant discomfort associated with dental infections.  Face pawing, inability to eat dry food, and of course the telltale awful breath are signs your pet is suffering from dental disease.  We try to encourage all pet parents to bring their pets in at least annually for a thorough dental checkup.  We stress the important of at least attempting to brush your pet's teeth regularly, and our friendly staff can help you learn the proper techniques for successfully accomplishing this.  We can also recommend a dental diet and appropriate dental treats that will actually help keep your pets teeth cleaner longer.  Studies are showing that pets are developing periodontal disease very early in life and we are seeing dogs and cats as young as three with dental disease beginning.  Again if your pet demonstrates any of these symptoms they may be having serious dental issues:

Very foul smelling breath

Pawing at mouth

Excessive drooling

Reluctance to eat

Noticeable inflammation and redness around gums

Any and all of these signs mean your pet is having dental problems that need addressing as soon as possible.  We carry a full line of dental care products that includes toothbrushes, specially flavored toothpastes, rinses, and of course dental diets and chews, for both dogs and cats.  Be sure to ask our staff about what you can do to help prevent periodontal disease in your pets.  Prevention really does work, and will help keep your dog or cat healthy and with you much much longer!

Four Paws is running our Dental Specials year round!  We will give you our dental discount if you have your pets dental cleaning within 60 of your initial wellness exam and recommendation.  So take advantage of the great opportunity and set up an exam today.  We do take Care Credit and most credit cards.

Winter Focus On FIV in Cats

What is feline FIV? FIV stands for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus.  This is a contagious auto immune disease passed from cats through deep bite wounds.  Recently there has been an almost 48% increase in this disease, and even indoor cats are in danger if exposed.  We recommend that all indoor/outdoor cats be vaccinated.  The Feline Health Center at Cornell University sights this virus affects about 1.5 to 3 percent of all healthy cats in the US.  FIV is a Lentivirus, which means it moves very slowly and gradually affects the cats immune system.  Cat to cat bite wounds is the most common way of transmission.  Many cats carry this virus for many years without any symptoms at all. It is uncertain what may trigger the disease in some cats.  A blood test is needed to determine if this disease is present.  We recommend annual testing and vaccination for outdoor kitties or if your cat is exposed to outdoor kitties.  Vaccination can be cheap insurance! Currently we are offering 20% off Tests for cat FIV,  Leukemia, and Heart Worms through January 31st!


Winter brings colder weather and with this colder weather our pets with arthritis suffer pain and stiffness.  We have three excellent and safe ways to help your pets suffering from pain and inflammation.  Our hospital offers Reiki, Acupuncture, and Laser Light Therapy.  Dr. Forster offers these services to all pets and would love to share the amazing results that can be attained by using these drug free therapies. 

Reiki Therapy       

  • Accelerates the healing process from illness, injury or surgery.  Provides pain Relief and relaxation to enhance natural healing response.
  • Reduces and supports recovery from side effects of conventional cancer therapies.
  • Promotes Deep relaxation for pets with anxiety and stress or those with a past history of abuse.
  • Comforts and relaxes animals nearing the end of life for a peaceful transition.

Laser Therapy    

  1. Back Pain (Intervertebral Disc Disease)
  2. Trauma (Skin, Muscle, Bone)
  3. Wounds (Trauma)
  4. Surgery (Incisions, Growth Removals, Bone Surgery)
  5. Inflammatory Conditions:
    • Acute or chronic otitis (Ear problems)
    • Anal Gland inflammation
    • Periodontitis (Gingivitis) gum disease
    • Hot Spots
    • Arthritis (Degenerative Joint Disease)
    • Lick Granulomas
    • Idiopathic Cystitis - (Bladder Inflammation)

Acupuncture Therapy   

Acupuncture is best known for its ability to treat mild to moderate pain in the body of a dog. It is also helpful for:

Behavioral Problems, Cancer, Digestive Tract Disorders, Eyes and Ears, Heart Disorders, Immune Disorders, Muscle and Joint Problems, Nervous System and Spinal Problems, Reproduction, Respiratory Disorders and Skin Disorders, as well as, Urinary Tract Problems


In effort of promoting general PET WELLNESS, Four Paws will still be offering a discount to all clients who bring in their pets for wellness exams and related diagnostic testing throughout the WINTER season. Proactive healthcare prolongs the life of an animal, and reduces the risk and costs associated to reactive measures. Please give us a call to schedule your pet's appointment today. Just remember a healthy pet is a happy pet!

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