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“Goodbye to Summer” Sounds a lot like “Hallelujah!”

There’s a saying that in Texas we have four seasons: “Almost Summer”, “Summer”, “Still Summer”, and “Christmas”.  Thank goodness we have lived through another Summer and are beginning to experience the milder weather of “Still Summer”! 

From our perspective here at Four Paws, one of the best things about daytime highs dropping back into 2-digit land is the renewed opportunity to go outside and enjoy time with our four-legged friends.  As overnight lows dip from “pleasant” into “chilly”, our cats snuggle up to us and we notice renewed friskiness on the part of our canine companions.  (You would celebrate, too, if you wore your coat year-round!)

But what if, instead of increased activity, you are seeing LESS activity from your pet?  Or maybe they are acting like that car you used to have – they run fine after they warm up but are a little hard to start and it takes them some time to get into gear?  Check their birth certificate – time does fly (whether you are having fun or not, it turns out) and their approaching senior years may be announcing themselves with a touch of the old Arthritis.


GREAT NEWS – Arthritis can be Managed!

Dr Phillip and the team at Four Paws like few things better than helping a senior pet get a “new leash on life” by managing their arthritis pain!  We recommend a multi-modal approach to joint health which includes nutrition, anti-inflammatory agents, and pain relief as appropriate.  With appropriate care, we can help you make your pet’s Golden Years comfortable and enjoyable.

Arthritis – It’s not just for Dogs…

Did you know that arthritis is thought to be the #1 undiagnosed disease of our feline friends?  Undiagnosed, because even a very arthritic kitty probably still has more flexibility and grace than most of us humans, but just because it isn’t obvious doesn’t mean she isn’t having pain.  Have you noticed that the “new favorite” napping spot is more accessible than that high perch she used to love?  “Accidents” on the outside of the litterbox may mean a urinary tract infection, or it could mean that making the “leap” into the box hurts her creaky joints. 

Feline or canine, as the weather turns cooler, this is prime time to keep a “weather eye” on our pets’ mobility, and if you have ANY questions about the quality of their mobility, do pick up the phone and give Four Paws Veterinary Hospital a call.  We would LOVE to schedule a check-up and orthopedic exam to make sure that your pet is experiencing “Still Summer” at their very best! 

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