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Dr. Phillip Schwarzlose



Dr.Phillip Schwarzlose graduated from Texas A&M Vet School in 1999.  He was raised in Zorn, TX (just south of San Marcos, TX).  He most recently practiced at Blanco Vet Clinic but recognized the potential at Four Paws Veterinary Hospital and decided to make the leap into practice ownership with the support of his wife, Cydney, and children (Noah, 15 and Logan, 11).  Dr. Phillip has practiced veterinary medicine in Marble Falls, Dripping Springs, and Blanco.  Dr. Phillip’s clients recognize him for his compassionate care of their animals balanced with the financial needs of each client.  Dr. Phillips long-term clients consistently praise him for his knowledge of veterinary medicine and his ability to solve complex problems facing their pets.  He loves being a veterinarian and it shows in the way he relates to both the animals and their family.  He recognizes the strong bond we develop with our pets and makes sure owners know they are providing the best care possible for their pets.

Kat Coon

(this is my grandog, Mo!)



Aphrodite and Puppy

I've had pets for most of my life, but in 2005 "Riley", the best cat in the world (apologies to those of you who think you have the best cat in the world), succumbed to cancer, so I started volunteering at my local animal shelter to "shop" for a new kitty.  Eureka!  In a couple of short months, "Aphrodite" and "Puppy" had found their forever home and I had found my "forever job" - honestly, what took me so long?  When Dr. Phillip called to say he had purchased Four Paws, I was on his doorstep before he could change his mind! So very excited to get to tech for him again!    Of course I love puppies and kittens – who doesn’t?  But I really love-love-LOVE your older pets - maybe because I can relate to the various aches, pains, and indignities of aging.  I do solemnly swear to patiently spoil them almost rotten at every visit!

Clint Younts

Clint Younts

Although I was born and raised in the great state of Texas, I attended the University of Tennessee where I somehow earned a degree in Animal Science back in 1980. Ever since, I have been working with animals. For the past 17 years, I have worked in vet clinics in Dripping Springs, Buda and now here at Four Paws.

I live on my family’s ranch out near Buda with my wife of 35 years where I manage a small herd of beef cows. I no longer have cats or dogs, so my pets are these hoofed friends.

In my spare time, I write a humor column that runs in several weekly newspapers in central Texas, “A View from the Crow’s Nest”. It’s fun and keeps my beer fridge well-stocked.



If you don’t see me when you visit Four Paws, that’s probably because I’m busy in the kennel spoiling the pups and kittens.  As lead kennel tech, I want every boarder or hospitalized patient to feel the love!  Making sure everybody is healthy, safe, and happy can sometimes be challenging, but it’s an important responsibility that I find quite rewarding.  And I do love being part of a team that appreciates my talents!

As a military brat, I’ve grown up in a variety of places with a variety of pets, but (true confession) I’m partial to dogs.  All dogs – all kinds and sizes and ages and temperaments - I love ‘em. I also love that in the kennels I have the opportunity to really get to know them as individuals and earn their trust.  Canine behavior fascinates me, therefore the frightened Chow, the nervous Chihuahua, the snippy terrier, the Pekingese who refuses any dog food – I just put on my “doggy therapist” hat and find a way to relate!  When an anxious dog decides that I can, after all, be trusted enough for a treat and a belly rub – totally the best part of my day!   

So whether your pet needs a “home away from home” while you are out of town, or just a “spa day” (a lovely warm bath with all the trimmings) I promise to love them just like you would while they are in my care.  After all - that’s my superpower!

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