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Year Round Reward Programs

Food Rewards 

Mother always said "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" (or was that Benjamin Franklin? both?), and often our pets need specialized prescription diets to support them through their medical challenges and delay or prevent the need for more aggressive treatments.  

While these foods do cost more than most "off the shelf" foods available at your local feed or grocery store, the net difference in cost between a quality "regular" diet and a therapeutic diet is usually more than offset by the savings realized with fewer vet visits over time.  

Still, to aid you in keeping your best friend healthy, Four Paws has partnered with our prescription food makers to offer an ongoing Buy 5, Get 1 Free rewards program for our extra-special friends who benefit from an extra-special diet!

In case you were wondering, it is NOT necessary to buy all 5 cases of canned food or bags of dry food at the same time.  Jodi is a math wizard who can count to 5 in her sleep, keeps excellent records, and will let you know whenever your next food is free! And by free we don't mean "eligible for a rebate" - we hand you the food, say "thank you", and you take it home without paying for it because it is FREE!

(for obvious reasons, these prescription diets are available ONLY with a prescription!)

Boarding Rewards

Motel 6 got nothin' on Four Paws' kennels! In addition to our kennels being roomy and clean, and the "maid service" and "room service" being excellent, all the canine kennels have a balcony! OK, it's not really a balcony, but during the day they do have their option of being inside to stay warm (or cool, as the season requires) or spending time in the outside part of their kennels where they can visually socialize with the other boarders and sniff the fresh Hill Country air!  

Dogs are walked at least twice daily, and kitties get petted and loved on (if they wish) when their kennels are cleaned morning and evening.  You have the option of bringing your pets' food from home (DO bring it if they are on a "special" diet), or of us feeding them our nutritious, easy-on-the-tummy hospital food for no extra charge. You are also welcome to bring toys or special bedding, just please mark their names on each item (think kids at camp). 

When your pet has accumulated 10 "sleepovers" at Four Paws Veterinary Hospital, they will be rewarded with 1 free night! Once again, we keep the records, there is absolutely no effort on your part, just prepare to be pleasantly surprised when Jodi tells you that one of your nights was a free night! 

In addition, when your second pet loves your first pet and wants to share a kennel (they are plenty roomy unless your pets shop in the "Big and Tall" section) that second pet gets to stay at half price!  Just another way for Four Paws to support your effort to take great care of your pets AND take that much-needed vacation!


Monthly Prevention

Intestinal parasites can make your pet very ill.  Fleas make many pets miserable and can result in yucky tapeworms, and ticks carry diseases and are super gross (our medical opinion)!  Heartworms are carried by mosquitoes and can kill an otherwise healthy dog - the adults can reach lengths of 17", and when you have even one 17" worm living in your heart...

Let's just stipulate that heartworm, parasite, flea, and tick preventatives are an important part of keeping your pets healthy and happy!

We carry and recommend a few different options for preventatives, though, since not every pet has the same needs.  We are always happy to discuss your pets' individual circumstances so we can understand your needs and recommend what is MOST appropriate for your special furry friend!

Please give us a call to discuss your heartworm and flea & tick prevention needs. We honor all manufacturer's specials and rebates, and they have rotating specials that are offered throughout the year. We'll "run the numbers" to make sure your pets' needs are met while saving you the most money! Ask us what rebate and reward programs are currently in place.

(due to the possibility of adverse consequences should preventative be given to a dog currently infected with heartworms, we DO require proof of a negative heartworm test within the past year before heartworm preventative is prescribed)

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