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  • March is "OMG What Have You Got in Your Mouth?" Month
    Just when we least expect it, the panicked phone call: “My dog ate chocolate! What should I do?”  Apparently the veterinary community has been excellent at communicating that chocolate is Read more
  • Bless Your Heart - Clean Your Teeth!
    News Flash: February is pet dental month!  Lots of veterinary practices (including us!) feature discounts on routine teeth cleaning to help folks stay on top of their pet’s dental hygiene. Read more
  • The Thankful Veterinarian
    As 2018 winds down, it is almost universally customary to spend some time in quiet reflection and consider the many gifts for which we are thankful.  Your veterinary team would Read more
  • ...and the Rest of Us
    Comin’ down the home stretch here… If you’ve been following this blog, you’ve made the acquaintance of the Four Paws staff, with the exception of myself and the junior members of Read more
  • More About Us...
    More About Us… So, I promised to tell all about my partners in, um, the healing arts of veterinary medicine.  First, a few words about Mac. Mac reigns over the front desk Read more

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