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Spring is just around the corner and we have exciting news for our clients.  We are offering 10% off your entire invoice of services when combined with a dental cleaning.  February is DENTAL HEALTH MONTH and we want those of you needing to get your pets teeth cleaned to benefit from this offer.   Not only are you saving big, but we will be giving our clients who have a dental cleanings FREE home care dental products!!!! 

Here are some examples of severe periodontal disease before and after. 

Why is dental cleaning so important? A professional dental cleaning removes not only the plaque and tartar on the teeth surfaces but also the bacteria under the gums. This eliminates potential sources of infection to the mouth and other organs and protects your pet from pain and tooth loss.  We know that untreated periodontal disease can cause many health issues with your pets, and contribute to diseases that can potentially shorten their lives.  Many of you worry about anesthesia and how the procedure will affect your pet. The anesthetics currently used are fast acting and safe, and most pets recover very quickly from being under for the procedure. Even older pets can safely undergo a dental cleaning with little adverse affects.  Remember, it is imperative to have pre-anesthetic blood work done before a dental cleaning.  If you have questions call us and speak with one of our friendly staff.


Yep we are going into that time of year again folks and we want your furry family members to be protected from these nasty critters.  Fleas, ticks, and biting mosquitoes are your pets enemy and can be safely prevented with the right medication.  Ask us about what products have a buy more and save or which products offer a great rebate program.  Oh and don't forget all new client referrals not only get you a $20 credit, but they will receive this gift as well.   

Tips For Controlling Flea Infestation:

  • Treat Yard
  • Treat House and Bedding
  • Treat All Pets
  • Don't Skip Monthly Flea/Tick Prevention

Ask us about other products that can help eliminate these awful pests before they get out of control. 


Just like us our pets suffer from allergies.  Both dogs and cats can be allergic to fleas, household dust and mold, outdoor agents such as grasses, trees, and even flowering plants, and even more frustrating the food they eat.  It is often difficult to know what our pets are actually allergic to, and severe allergic issues need addressing by a veterinarian who specializes in these problems.  Chronic licking, itching, and various types of body rashes and hot spots, as well as, ear problems will plague our pets if left untreated.  Many times secondary infections occur and our pets will need antibiotics to clear these up.  Don't ignore a pets scratching, and if caught early your pet can be treated very easily. 

Warmer weather in Texas means Rattlesnakes!!!  Don't let this happen to your dog.  We have a vaccine that reduces the severity of rattlesnake bite should your pet be bitten.  This vaccine ensures the severity of the after affects of snake bite are substantially reduced.  Warmer weather in Texas brings them out and even heavily populated areas are not immune to infestations of rattlesnakes. 



Winter brings colder weather and with this colder weather our pets with arthritis suffer pain and stiffness.  We have three excellent and safe ways to help your pets suffering from pain and inflammation.  Our hospital offers Reiki, Acupuncture, and Laser Light Therapy.  Dr. Forster offers these services to all pets and would love to share the amazing results that can be attained by using these drug free therapies. 

Reiki Therapy       

  • Accelerates the healing process from illness, injury or surgery.  Provides pain Relief and relaxation to enhance natural healing response.
  • Reduces and supports recovery from side effects of conventional cancer therapies.
  • Promotes Deep relaxation for pets with anxiety and stress or those with a past history of abuse.
  • Comforts and relaxes animals nearing the end of life for a peaceful transition.

Laser Therapy    

  1. Back Pain (Intervertebral Disc Disease)
  2. Trauma (Skin, Muscle, Bone)
  3. Wounds (Trauma)
  4. Surgery (Incisions, Growth Removals, Bone Surgery)
  5. Inflammatory Conditions:
    • Acute or chronic otitis (Ear problems)
    • Anal Gland inflammation
    • Periodontitis (Gingivitis) gum disease
    • Hot Spots
    • Arthritis (Degenerative Joint Disease)
    • Lick Granulomas
    • Idiopathic Cystitis - (Bladder Inflammation)

Acupuncture Therapy   

Acupuncture is best known for its ability to treat mild to moderate pain in the body of a dog. It is also helpful for:

Behavioral Problems, Cancer, Digestive Tract Disorders, Eyes and Ears, Heart Disorders, Immune Disorders, Muscle and Joint Problems, Nervous System and Spinal Problems, Reproduction, Respiratory Disorders and Skin Disorders, as well as, Urinary Tract Problems


In effort of promoting general PET WELLNESS, Four Paws will still be offering a discount to all clients who bring in their pets for wellness exams and related diagnostic testing throughout the WINTER season. Proactive healthcare prolongs the life of an animal, and reduces the risk and costs associated to reactive measures. Please give us a call to schedule your pet's appointment today. Just remember a healthy pet is a happy pet!

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