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8401 Ranch Rd 12 San Marcos, TX 78666


Four Paws Vet Hospital now under New Ownership.

Dr. Phillip Schwarzlose and the new staff look forward to meeting you and your pet family. Please call for an appointment today.

We think you'll like the changes we've made.

Beauty is not the ONLY thing that’s Skin Deep…

Psychologists tell us that “things happen in threes” because that is the pattern our society has been taught to expect.  One celebrity passes away, then another, then People Magazine (or somebody) will, days or even weeks later, announce a third casualty!  See! Things happen in threes!

In the vet’s office, things more often happen in the tens or dozens.  Some of it is predictable (be ready for porcupine quills in the fall, when the critters are most active) but sometimes it’s NOT.  Fall this year brought a plague of coughing dogs.  Since Christmas, we at Four Paws have been knee-deep in canine and feline skin conditions.  Are the humid and cool conditions that have recently reigned over central Texas contributing to faulty follicles?  Are we having plentiful pyoderma because winter coats are by nature denser and therefore don’t “breathe” so well?  Whence cometh the ringworm cases, the stinky sebaceous cysts, and those mats of fur that can only be “cured” with very, very patient shaving of the “hair tumors” away from the sore, delicate skin underneath?  

Has cold weather has bought you and your pets closer together, and you don’t like what you see (or smell!) about their coats?  Is the dog “sleeping” beside you keeping you up all night with incessant chewing or licking? Have shampoos, ointments, and advice from your mother failed you?  Have you despaired of ever finding relief?

It’s time to get some real help.  Dr. Phillip will listen to your story, examine your pet “nose to tail”, diagnose the problem, and work with you to find the most appropriate course of treatment for your precious pet.  Just pick up the phone and schedule a convenient time to get your pet back on the road toward healthy skin and a handsome coat.  Remember, here at Four Paws Veterinary, we always care for the life of your pet – inside and out!


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Meet The Team
"I love coming to work everyday! Ever since I started working here at Four Paws Veterinary Hospital I have been reading and learning as much as I can about pet health and well being. Now my pets and I are living a healthier life and can pass my knowledge and experience to other families so they too can discover wellness!"
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